Configuration Parameters

Use this page to configure the message types for your store.

Specify the fully qualified host name, or the IP address of the host. This field is empty by default. To enable the transport, it must be filled in with an active SMTP server. This can be the host name or IP address.
Specify the protocol to use. The default value is smtp.
Specify the port number of the server. The default value is 25.
Specify a value:
The e-mail will be sent to valid addresses in the Recipient field, even if the SMTP server detected a problem with one or more addresses.
  1. The Transaction server detected that some members do not have an e-mail address. The e-mail messages will not be sent.
  2. An invalid e-mail address is entered. The Transaction server does not detect invalid e-mail addresses. Depending on the SMTP server, the message may or may not be sent.
Retry Duration
Specify the period in hours in which you want to retry the connection to the server without decrementing the retry count. If the connection to the server is lost temporarily, this allows the system to retry the connection within a specified time period. Once the period is expired, the retries count will be decremented as usual.
Reply To
The e-mail address all recipients should reply to.
Specify the content type, for example text/plain or text/html. The default value is text/plain.
Lists the message type parameters for the reseller store.
The person to receive the e-mail.
The people you want to send a carbon copy to.
The people you want to send a blind carbon copy to.
The sender of the e-mail.
The subject of the e-mail.