Shipping - Shipping Modes

A shipping mode is the combination of the shipping carrier, (the company that provides shipping services from a fulfillment center to a customer) and the shipping service offered by that carrier. For example, XYZ Courier, Overnight service is a shipping mode.

Use this list to view all defined shipping modes. From this page you can also create new shipping modes, designate the default shipping modes, and change or delete existing ones. Existing shipping modes are displayed in a table with the following information:

The name of a shipping company.
The type of shipping service offered by the carrier. For example, express, overnight, 3 day.
Estimated Delivery Time
The amount of time (typically in days) it takes to ship the goods to the customer using this mode.
A description of the shipping mode.
Yes denotes that the shipping mode has been designated as the default mode for all shipping transactions.
Click New to define a new shipping mode.
Select the shipping mode to be changed, then click Change.
Set as Default
Select a shipping mode from the list, then click Set as Default to designate that shipping mode as the default provider for all shipping transactions.
Select a shipping mode from the list, then click Delete to remove the selected shipping mode from list.
HCL Commerce EnterpriseImportant: Before deleting a shipping provider listed in the Shipping notebook, ensure that the shipping mode is not referenced in the contract and policy assets for the store. Removing the shipping mode with the notebook will make the contract invalid. To view the details of the contract, see Viewing contract summaries.

If the contract is active and you want to remove the shipping mode, you must create a new version of the contract and then make the changes. For more information, see Creating a new version of a contract. You can then make changes in the Shipping notebook.