Shipping - Shipping Codes

Shipping codes are used to calculate shipping charges, that is, a shipping code indicates how shipping charges are calculated for items in an order.

Use this list to view all defined shipping codes. From this page you can also create new shipping codes, change or delete existing codes, activate or deactivate codes, or access the charges associated with each code.

Existing shipping codes are displayed in a table with the following information:

The name of the shipping code.
A description of the shipping code.
Denotes whether the shipping code is active or not.
Click New to define a new shipping code.
Select the shipping code to be changed, then click Change.
Select the shipping code to activate, then click Activate. Activating a code turns the code on, applying the charges that are associated with that code to the assigned products.
Select the shipping code to deactivate, then click Deactivate. Deactivating a code turns the code off, and any charges associated with that code are not applied.
Select a shipping code from the list, then click Charges to view the charges associated with the shipping code.
Select a shipping mode code the list, then click Delete to remove the selected shipping code from the list.