Shipping - Fulfillment Options

Fulfillment options are a combination of the fulfillment center that will fill the order, the jurisdiction the fulfillment option serves, the shipping mode that will ship the order, and the precedence the fulfillment option will take.

Use this list to view all defined fulfillment options. From this page you can also define new fulfillment options, change or delete them.

Existing fulfillment options are displayed in a table with the following information:

Fulfillment Center
The name of the fulfillment center that will fill the order.
The jurisdiction that this fulfillment option serves.
Shipping mode
The shipping mode that ships the order.
The precedence that this fulfillment option takes. For example, 1 (1st), 2 (2nd), and so on.
Click New to define a new fulfillment option.
Select the fulfillment option to be changed, then click Change.
Select the fulfillment option from the list, then click Delete to remove the selected fulfillment option from the list.