Find Returns

Use this dialog to search for a return. At least one field must be specified.

Note: The system performs a fuzzy search based on the originator logon ID provided, and an exact search based on the values provided for all other fields on this dialog.
Return number
Type the return number, which uniquely identifies the return.
Order number
Type the order number that contains the product to be returned, which uniquely identifies the order.
Originator logon ID (fuzzy search)
Type he store logon ID for the customer who originated the return , as provided during registration. If this search dialog was launched by clicking Find Returns from the Returns list for a particular customer, the customer logon ID is populated with the customer's logon ID for the store. B2B direct The logon ID for the person who originated the return, as provided during registration. Depending on the terms stipulated in a contract, another individual may have the authority to change or request changes to the return. This individual is not the originator of the return, but may need to specify the originator logon ID when requesting an update at the store. For example, if an employee of IBM may create the original return, but the employee's manager may contact the store to change the return. To locate this return, the store may request the originator's logon ID. The system performs a fuzzy or advanced search based on the logon ID you specify (for example, if you type the letter A, the system will search for any occurrences of logon IDs containing the letter A, not simply IDs that begin with the letter A).
B2B direct Contract name
The name of the contract. A contract stipulate the terms for the customer to shop at the store.
Return status
Select the status of the return, such as a pending return or a canceled return.
Click this button to search for a return based on the search criteria specified. At least one field must be specified.