Approve Return

Use this dialog to approve returns that require manual approval by someone who has authority to approve returns for the store, such as the Customer Service Supervisor. Typically, if a customer requests a refund for a product, the return is automatically approved. However, in some cases, the return must be manually approved.

The following are possible reasons for a manual approval:
  • The product needs to be physically returned to the store for a refund. For example, a CD is originally marked in the system as an item to be returned in order for the customer to receive a refund; however, the customer contacts the store to say that the CD was scratched during delivery. Rather than have the customer ship the product back to the store and reimburse shipping costs, the store may simply ship the customer a second CD without requiring the customer to return the defective product. In this case, the Customer Service Representative can indicate, on the system, that no physical return is required and add a note about the situation. The system will deny approval for the return and the Customer Service Supervisor must manually approve this return.
  • The quantity shipped is more than the quantity returned. For example, the customer orders three books, but only returns one.
  • The credit amount requested is more than the amount paid for the original purchase. For example, the customer paid $100.00 for the order, but wants a refund for $150.00. This may be the case if the customer purchased the order on sale and the discount is no longer applicable.
  • The return period has expired. For example, the store may not accept returns more than ten days after the original purchase.
  • The system determined whether the returned product must be returned to its original fulfillment center; however, this status was changed (such as by a Customer Service Representative).
  • The store does not have an automatic approval policy. In this case, all returns must be manually approved.

This dialog also lists the reasons why the return was not automatically approved.

Return number
The return number, which uniquely identifies the return.
Product Name
A short description of the product for the return.
The stock keeping unit (SKU) for the product for the return, which uniquely identifies the product.
Declined Returns
The reason why the system could not automatically approve the return.
Click this button to approve the selected returns.

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