Site Overview Report

This report shows key data related to orders, customer visits, and total sales to provide a snapshot of site performance. The data below represents totals for all stores in the site; data is not broken up by store.

Selected date range
A read-only field listing the selected start and end dates for the displayed report.
Site Overview Report
A read-only field displaying the timestamp corresponding to when the report was created.
Gross Sales
Total sales for all stores.
Total orders placed on the site
Number of orders placed by customers on all of the stores.
Total pages viewed on the site
The total number of pages viewed. This value includes the number of redirected pages.
Total visits to the site
The number of visits to your site. For example, if customer A visited your site twice and customer B visited your site once, the total number of visits is three.
Total unique visitors that came to the site
The unique number of customers who visited the site. Each customer is counted once regardless of the number of visits.