Region Report

This report shows data about sales and customer activity for the regions that customers provide when they register. This report will only show regional information if the store requests regional information from users during registration.

Selected date range
A read-only field listing the selected start and end dates for the displayed report.
Region Report
A read-only field displaying the timestamp corresponding to when the report was created.
Name of the region.
Revenue Totals
The total sales revenue generated from the region.
Number of Orders
The number of orders placed per region.
Pages Viewed
The total pages viewed by customers per region. This count includes the number of redirected pages.
Number of Customers
The unique number of customers who visited your site from a region. A customer is counted once, regardless of the number of visits.
Number of Visits
The total number of visits to your site. For example, if customer A visited your site twice and customer B visited your site once, the total number of visits is three.
Quantity purchased
The number of items purchased per region.

Tip: Printing this report may result in a truncated version. Printing the report using a landscape paper orientation should resolve this problem.