Product Sales Report

This report shows sales figures for products sold on your site. It shows the names of the product sold, how many times it was ordered, the total quantity ordered, and the total revenue generated.

Selected date range
A read-only field listing the selected start and end dates for the displayed report.
Product Sales Report
A read-only field displaying the timestamp corresponding to when the report was created.
Catalog Entry - Name of the product
The name of the product in the database.
Catalog Entry ID
ID of the catalog entry that was purchased. (In case the name is too similar)
Times ordered
The total times this product was purchased.
Total Amount Ordered
The total quantity of product purchased.
Total Sales
Total sales for this product.
Times Viewed
The total number of unique visits to your store for the product. For example, if customer A views a product twice and customer B views the product once, the total number of visits for the product is three. This value may be affected by recent database maintenance.
Note: Printing this report may result in a truncated version. Printing the report using a landscape paper orientation should resolve this problem.