Resend Message Configuration

Use this page to set up the unsent message configuration parameters for a specified transport. The list of parameters will depend on the transport. These match the same set of parameters when configuring a transport, and can be modified. For more information about the specific parameters for each transport, see the "Transports -Transport Configuration parameters" help page. The following are an example of the parameters for the e-mail transport:

The name of the SMTP server.
The protocol being used to send e-mail.
The port number of the host.
Send Partial
Type in "true" to send an e-mail to valid addresses in the Recipient field, even if there are invalid addresses in the same field. Type in "false" to send the e-mail only if all addresses are valid.
Retry Duration
The time duration (in hours) in which HCL Commerce can try to reconnect to a SMTP host when the server is down.
The e-mail address to which the message is being sent.
The e-mail addresses that you want copies of the message sent to.
The e-mail addresses that you want private copies of the message sent to.
The e-mail address of the sender.
The subject of the e-mail.
Reply To
The e-mail address all replies should be sent to.