User - Roles

Use this page to assign user roles to the user to have access to perform tasks for the site.

Total organizations currently showing
Displays the number of organizations that you can select from, for this user.
Select organization
Select the organization you want to use for this user.
Search for organizations
Type all or part of the organization and from the list below this field, select how you want the system to perform your search.
Find Organization
Click this button to search for the organization.
Lists the user roles that are available to the user. The roles listed here are determined from the Business Profile page.
Click this button to assign the selected role and organization combination for the user. The roles move to the Selected roles list.
Selected roles
Lists all role and organization combinations for the user.
Click this button to remove the selected role and organization combination from the user. Once you click this button, the selection is removed from the Selected roles list.