Use this list to view all users that belong to the organization within the site.

Logon ID
The user's store logon ID.
Last Name
The user's last name.
First Name
The user's first name.
The name of the organization or organizational unit to which the user belongs.
The user roles assigned to the user, such as "Buyer Administrator" or "Buyer Approver".
Click this button to find a registered user.
Click this button to add a new user to the site.
Click this button to edit details about the user, such as the user's name, logon ID and password, business profile, address, and contract information.
Click this button to view or assign a user role to a user.
Member Groups
Click this button to view or assign a member group to a user, using the Include and Exclude pages that display. Note the available member groups lists on these pages display only those member groups applicable to the user you are currently managing.
HCL Commerce Enterprise Partner Sites
HCL Commerce EnterpriseClick this button to view a list of partners for the site.