Scheduler Status Display

The Scheduler Status Display page lists the status of jobs currently scheduled to run for your site. By default, the rows are sorted alphabetically by command name.

Use this page to complete the following tasks:

  • View the status of jobs for a specific date range
  • Schedule a new job
  • Schedule a new broadcast job
  • Edit a scheduled job
  • Delete a scheduled job
The name of the command that executes for this job.
The current status of the job: running, completed, or inactive.
The result of the job: successful or failed.
Start date
The date and time the job started running. The format of the time is either the 12 or 24 hour clock, depending on the standard of the particular language.
The date and time the job finished running. If the job has not yet run, this field is empty.
Application type
The type of application used to run the job.
Date Range
Click to specify the time and date criteria for the list of scheduled jobs.
Click to schedule a new job.
New Broadcast
Click to schedule a new broadcast job.
Click to change the configuration for a selected job.
Click to delete a selected job.
Remove Record
Click to remove a selected job status record from the displayed list and the SCHSTATUS table.
Remove All Records
Click to remove all job status records displayed in the list and the SCHSTATUS table.
Click to update the displayed list.