Receive Products

The Receive Products list displays products to be received for a selected return. Use this list to enter the quantity of the product being received.

Date received
Required: Provide the date of the product receipt:
  • Click the calendar icon to open the calendar, and select the date you want. Using the calendar control ensures that the date is specified in the appropriate format.
  • In the Year, Month, and Day fields, type the year (in the format YYYY), month (MM), and day (DD).
Product Name
Name of the product being received.
SKU identifier for the product being received.
Quantity Expected
Total quantity of the product expected to be received.
Quantity Already Received
Quantity of the product already received.
Quantity to Receive Now
Quantity of the product to receive now. This field accepts up to 10 single-byte numeric characters.
Serial Numbers
Expected serial number associated with a return and product. Compare this against the returned product to verify that the product can be received.