The Returns list displays a store's returns. Depending on your role, you may see different information and be able to perform different tasks on this page. Receivers can see all open returns and can receive returned products and run associated reports. Return Administrators can see returns with products that need to be disposed, and can dispose of them and run associated reports. If you are the operations manager or are assigned both roles, you can see all of this information and can perform all of these tasks.

Important: Even if all products have been received for a return, the Receive button will remain available until the ReturnCreditAndCloseScan scheduler command has been run, closing the receive record. Thus, it is possible for more products to be recorded as received in the system than were physically received in the fulfillment center if this command has not yet run.
Return ID
ID number assigned to the return.
Return date
Date the return was initiated.
Name of the customer who initiated the return.
Click this button to receive products for a selected return.
Returned Products
Click this button to see a list of products that have been received for a selected return, and to dispose of them.
Click this button to create and view return management reports.