Outbound E-mail Activity Account Configuration

Use this page to configure an outbound SMTP e-mail account to use for your e-mail activities.

Type a name for the account.
Type a brief description for the account.
Type the host name of the SMTP server to connect with.
Type the e-mail account to use on the SMTP server. This acts as a user ID when connecting to the server.
Requires Authentication
Select this option if the e-mail account requires authentication prior to connecting to the server. If you select this option, the following field displays:
Enter the password for the account.
Enter the port number on the SMTP host which accepts SMTP requests. The default is 25.
Commerce Host
Enter the fully qualified host name of the Transaction server. This is the machine from which the e-mail activity will be sent. The fully qualified host name is the host name combined with the domain name. For example, if the host name is system1 and the domain is mydomain.com, the fully qualified host name is system1.mydomain.com.
Time to start delivery
Enter the time at which the account should begin mailing pending e-mail activities. The date and time are based on the current system time for the machine where Transaction server is installed.