E-mail Activities

This page lists all currently created e-mail activities. It enables you to create new e-mail activities, and to change, enable, or delete existing e-mail activities.

Filter by campaign
This view filter selects the e-mail activities to display. The list is populated with the names of all of the campaigns defined for the store. When you select a filter, all of the existing e-mail activities, belonging to the selected campaign, display in a tabular format with the following information:
E-mail Activity
The name of the e-mail activity as specified during creation.
The description of the e-mail activity as specified during creation.
Customer Segment
The customer segment targeted by the e-mail activity.
Send Date
The date on which the e-mail activity either will be sent, or the date on which it was sent.
The campaign to which the e-mail activity belongs.
The current status of the e-mail activity. The status may be either sent or unsent.