Message Types - Message Type Configuration

This page displays messages that have been configured for the current store. Messages are displayed by message type, message severity, and transportation method. You can also configure additional message types for the site or store.

Message Type
Lists the types of messages available. For example, you may have messages for receiving an order, canceling an order, or general broadcast messages.
Severity Range
Indicates the severity or priority of the message. Currently this field is not used by the Messaging System. The recommended value is 0-0.
Specifies the method in which messages will be transported or communicated message recipients. If the transport method you want is not listed, ensure that the transport has been enabled.
Transport Status
Specifies the status of this transport type. For example, active or inactive. An active status indicates that the transport type is supported.
Click this button to open the Configuration Parameters page, where the message types are configured.
Click to set up a new message type for the site or store.
Click to change the message severity, transport, device format or transport parameters for a selected message type.
Click to delete a selected message type. The message will no longer be available for the store.