Store Creation - General

Use this page to provide general information when creating a store. All fields on this page are required.

Store unique identifier
Type the ID that uniquely identifies the store, for example, ABC123. Once the store has been created, this unique identifier displays in the list of stores within the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. You can use the HCL Commerce Accelerator to manage stores.
Store display name
Type the name of store, which customers will see when they enter your store.
Store description
Type a brief description of the store. You can provide the type of business of the store here. For example, ABC Computers offers competitive prices for home and office computers.
Notification recipient e-mail address
Type the e-mail address of the person who will receive notification messages for this store, including notification about submitted orders, order summary reports, and general store usage. To use this option, your store must also be set up for messaging.
Default store currency
Select the currency that you want to display on store pages to customers. This currency will also be the one customers use to pay for orders placed at the store. You can also add additional currencies after the store has been created, using the Change Profile page under the Store notebook with HCL Commerce Accelerator.
Store organization
Select the organization to which you belong from this list. From this list, you can also view any sub-organizations, if applicable.
Allow the users of other stores to access this store by specifying the same owning organization
If your organization owns more than one store, and you want the customers of this store to be able to shop in a previously created store, then select this check box, and select the organization that owns the previously created store from the Shared store organization list.
Store category
Select the category for the store. This list only displays if the database contains more than one category from which you can select. If there is only one category, then that category is used and this list does not display.
Store category description
A description of the store category selected above. This description is read only.