View Stores

Use this list to view the service agreements defining stores. From this list, you can import new service agreements, view the details of the service agreements, control the service agreements, and control the stores.

Store Name
The name of the store.
Service Agreement Name
The unique name of the service agreement that defines the store.
Store Status
The current status of the service agreement or store. A service agreement or store can have the following states:
A store exists for the seller and is open to customers.
A store exists for the seller and is not open to customers.
A store exists but the service agreement for the store is suspended. Customers cannot access the store and the seller cannot open the store.
The service agreement is being deployed. The store is created as part of this deployment process.
Deployment Failed
Deployment of the service agreement has failed. No store has been created.
The date and time when the store was created.
Click this button to open the New Store page so that you can create a new store by importing a service agreement XML file. The service agreement XML file must be accessible from your local workstation.
Click this button to suspend a store. Suspending a store closes the store and prevents customers from having access to the store. Suspending a store also prevents the seller from opening the store.
Click this button to resume a store. Resuming a store allows the seller to access the store. When a store is resumed, the store is closed. Customers will not have access to the to store until the store is opened.
Click this button to open a store. Opening a store allows both the seller and customers to access the store.
Click this button to close a store. Closing a store prevents customers from accessing the store, but the seller continues to have access to the store.
Click this button to deploy a service agreement manually if the service agreement is listed in the Deployment Failed state. Deployment of a service agreement typically occurs automatically after the service agreement is imported.
Filter Catalog
Click this button to use the Catalog Filter to exclude categories and products from being sold in a store.
Click this button to view a summary of a service agreement.
Click this button to export a service agreement. Exporting a service agreement exports a service agreement in XML format from Transaction server.
Click this button to open the find a service agreement matching your search criteria.
Click this button to update the list of sellers and the status of the service agreements.
Click this button to open the reports page for the store.
Change Store Category
Click this button to specify a different category for the store. For example, if you have mistakenly specified your hardware store with the store category of Fashion, you might want to change it to Hardware.
Click this button to delete a service agreement.