Use this list to view distributors and their service agreements. From this list, you can import new distributor service agreements, view the details of the service agreements, and control the distributor service agreements.

Service Agreement Name
The name of the distributor service agreement. This is the unique identifier for the distributor service agreement.
Short Description
A short description of the distributor service agreement.
The current status of the distributor service agreement.
Click this button to open the New Distributor page so that you can create a new distributor service agreement by importing a distributor service agreement XML file. The distributor service agreement XML file must be accessible from your local workstation.
Click this button to activate an inactive distributor. Activating a distributor enables the distributor to provide quote information and accept shopping carts.
Click this button to deactivate an active distributor. Deactivating a distributor prevents a distributor from providing quote information and accepting shopping carts.
Click this button to deploy a distributor service agreement manually if the distributor service agreement is listed in the Deployment Failed state. Deployment of a distributor service agreement normally occurs automatically after the distributor service agreement is imported.
Click this button to view a summary of a distributor service agreement.
Click this button to export a distributor service agreement. Exporting a service agreement exports a service agreement in XML format from Transaction server.
Click this button to open the Find Distributor page and find a distributor service agreement matching your search criteria.
Click this button to update the list of distributors and the status of the distributor service agreements.
Click this button to delete a distributor service agreement.