Accounts - Account Customer

Use this page to define the customer information for the account.

Customer Organization
Required: Select the name of the account holder from the list.
Required: Select the name of the primary contact person within the customer's organization.
This read-only field displays the address of the selected contact.
Contact Information
Type additional information for the contact, such as details about when to call.
Customer can purchase under the terms and conditions of store's default contract
Select this option to enable customers from this account to make purchases for items that are not defined for the contract, but are defined by the default contract for the store.
This account is for base contracts
Select this option to specify that this account can be used to contain base contracts, and therefore, the contracts within this account can be used as reference for contracts in this and other stores. When using this option, note the following guidelines
  • This option can only be set when you are creating an account, and you cannot change this setting when you change an account.
  • Contracts under a base contract account should not have any customers set to directly entitle them to those contracts.
  • Customers share the terms and conditions in the base contract when a customer contract refers to the base contract.
  • Base contract accounts should not set any terms and conditions.
  • The terms and conditions for the account are the same as the ones for the customer contract in which this account is based.
  • You can have more than one base contract account in a store.
Contract Price List Preference
In a case where you have multiple price lists, this price list selection tool displays. The selected price list becomes the default price list for all contracts created for this account.
Contracts under this account must use the price list preference
In a case where you have multiple price lists, this option displays. Select this option to force all contracts for this account to use the selected price list. If this option is unselected, the price list might be changed during contract creation.