Select Shipping Address

Use this dialog to view a list of shipping addresses for a customer, and to select one address as the shipping address for the order. To add a shipping address to this list, click New.
B2B directNote: Depending on the terms stipulated in the customer's contract, you might not have the authority to change the shipping address for the order, or create a new one. If this is the case, then this page is read-only.
Address Identifier
The brief (one or two word) description to identify the shipping address. For example, if the customer wants to ship an order to their mother, use a shipping address identifier called "Mom". Likewise, to ship an order to your work location instead of to your home, use an address identifier called "Work".
Last Name
The receiver's last name.
First Name
The receiver's first name.
Shipping Address
The receiver's shipping address, including the, city, state or province, country or region, and ZIP or postal code. If provided, the phone number is also included here.
Click this button to add a new shipping address for the customer.

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