Order - Products

The first time you create an order, no products are selected. Use this page to launch a product search dialog to add products to the order.

Once products have been selected for an order, use this page to view the selected products. You can also add or remove products from an order, or change the quantity of a product already in the order.

B2B direct Active Organization
B2B directThe organization for which the buyer is shopping. This drop-down is only shown if the buyer has the Organization Participant role in multiple organizations.
The total cost for the entire order, not including tax and shipping charges, in the customer's preferred currency. If customers have not provided their preferred currency during registration, the total is displayed using the store's default currency.
Update Total
Click this button to recalculate the total cost of the order, if you have changed the quantity for any product.
Product Name
A short description of the product.
The SKU for the product, which uniquely identifies the product.
The quantity of the product the customer wants to order. To change the quantity, type the appropriate number in this field.
B2B direct Contract Name
B2B directThe name of the contract associated with the order. A contract stipulates the terms for the customer to shop at the store.
The total amount of a one-time price discount to apply to the product. For example, if you need to adjust the price by $4.00 per product and have 2 products, type $8.00 in this field. To change this amount, type the appropriate amount in this field.
The list price of the product ordered, in the customer's preferred currency. If customers have not provided their preferred currency during registration, the price is displayed using the store's default currency.
Availability Date
The date that sufficient inventory for the product is available for purchasing, including the year, month, and day.
Click this button to search the store's online catalog for products to add to the order. A search dialog opens to help you find the products you want to add.
Click this button to remove selected products from the order.
B2B direct View Personalized Attributes
B2B directIf you are working with an existing order and this button is enabled, personalized attributes have been defined for the selected product. Click this button to view personalized attributes for the product selected. A product may have associated personalized attributes if it is part of an RFQ request. For example, a customer can specify a particular color combination for uniforms for a basketball team. Click this button to view details about the personalized attributes, such as the attribute name and value, and any default units or operators to qualify the personalized attributes.