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Field descriptions for orders

For a store that uses order processing, the page contains the following information:

Order number
The number that uniquely identifies the order.
Customer logon ID
The customer's store logon ID as provided during registration.
B2B direct Account
B2B directThe customer's account name. This is typically the name of the organization with which the customer is associated, and this organization has defined contracts with the store stipulating terms for the customer to shop at the store. For example, the organization IBM may have contracts with the ABC Office Supplies Store.
Order type
Private requisition list
Shareable requisition list
Quick order
Typical order
Blocked status
Indicates whether the order is blocked.
Payment status
The overall payment status of the order, such as all transactions are successful, some transactions failed, or not available (the payment information could not be obtained, or the order was canceled). Click on the payment status link to view the Payment Summary page.
Order Status
The status of the order. This can indicate that the order is new (started but not yet submitted for processing), being processed, being edited, closed (all order items have been shipped), or canceled.
The date that the order was placed, including the year, month, and day.
The date that the order was last edited, including the year, month, and day.
The total cost of the order, including tax and shipping, in the customer's preferred currency. If customers have not provided their preferred currency during registration, the total is displayed using the store's default currency.
Click this button to add or update the comments to an order you have selected.
Click this button to cancel the selected order on behalf of a customer or to stop shipment on an order.
Manage blocks
Click this button to view all blocks, add a new block, resolve an existing block, or add a comment about a block for the selected order.
Manage payments
Click this button to update information about the payments for the order you selected.
New return
Click this button to provide information about a return of an order item in the order you selected.
Payment summary
Click this button to view a summary of the payment information associated with the order you selected.
Order summary
Click this button to view details about the order you selected.