Order - Comments

Use this page to add new comments for an order.

Note: To view past comments included with this order, use the Order Summary page.
Type a comment for the order in this field, such as one containing detailed shipping instructions or a reason for canceling an order.

This scroll box accepts up to 1024 alphanumeric characters.

Send this comment to the customer
Select this check box to indicate that the comment should be sent to the customer.

The comment is sent to the e-mail address specified in the E-mail address field.

E-mail address
Type the customer's e-mail address in this field.
Note: This field is displayed and comments will be sent to this address only when the Send this comment to the customer check box is selected. By default, this field is pre-filled with the e-mail address specified during registration if the customer provided one. You can also indicate a different e-mail address by typing it in this field.