Starting the wsadmin tool

WebSphere Application Server provides the wsadmin scripting tool, a command line tool, which you can use to update your Java EE applications.


  1. From the WC_profiledir /bin directory, run:
    • For IBM i OS operating systemAIXLinux./
    • Windowswsadmin
    The wsadmin tool opens.
  2. Run WebSphere Application Server commands required for your updates.
    • To update your custom code, run AdminApp update
      When you deploy your WebSphere Commerce code using the wsadmin tool, you run methods on the AdminApp object. The general syntax is
      $AdminApp update application_name  content_type  options 
      application name
      The name of the application to update.
      content type
      Used to specify whether you want to update a single file, a partial application, or an entire module. Valid content types:
      • file
      • partialapp
      • modulefile
      WebSphere Application Server offers various options for the AdminApp command. For more information, see Options for the AdminApp object install, installInteractive, edit, editInteractive, update, and updateInteractive commands using wsadmin scripting.
    • To save your new configuration by running the AdminApp save command.
    • To exit the tool, run exit.