IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience integration

IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience (Tealeaf) records what your customers are seeing on your store web pages and how they interact with store pages. By using Tealeaf to provide insight into your customers’ online experience, you can monitor business and usability metrics, identify issues in real-time, and prioritize site improvements.

Tealeaf and the Aurora starter store

Tealeaf Passive Capture Application (PCA) can capture and replay the website with no modification to the site itself. However, all JavaScript and Ajax interactions remain local to the web page; since they are not transmitted to the website they are not captured by PCA.

Adding Tealeaf UI Capture (UIC) JavaScript to the store JavaServer Pages captures the state of the web pages and its JavaScript interactions, and other information only available in the page such as page load times, the resolution of the user display, and other predefined attributes.

Note: The Aurora store does not ship with the Tealeaf client-side UIC library. To obtain Tealeaf client-side UIC library and the Fiddler plug-in, contact Tealeaf customer support.

Known issues and limitations

  • Using Browser Based Replay to observe a recurring B2B order, a specific error that can be encountered by the user is not captured and displayed. To correct this behavior:
    1. Open the global options for Tealeaf replay at http://tealeafportal_hostname:38000.
    2. Set the value for ExecUIEventNow to 1.

Configuring Tealeaf

Tealeaf consists of a number of components that capture, store, and replay customer browsing sessions. To use Tealeaf with your online store, you must configure the Tealeaf capture and replay environments, and enable Tealeaf integration in your store.