This table is a log of the status of scheduled jobs

Column Descriptions:

SCSINSTREFNUMBIGINT NOT NULLInstance number for this run of job
SCSJOBNBRBIGINT NOT NULLThis number refers to a job defined in the SCHCONFIG table
SCSSTATECHAR (2) NOT NULLState of the scheduled job.
  • I - The scheduled job must run at the preferred start time, recorded in the SCSPREFSTART column of the SCHSTATUS or SCHACTIVE table
  • IF - The scheduled job is rescheduled to run. There was a previous failed attempt to execute the job.
  • R - The scheduled job is running. The job execution start time is recorded in either the SCSACTLSTART column of the SCHSTATUS table or SCHACTIVE table. The SCSQUEUE column indicates which JVM process is running the job.
  • RF - The scheduled job is running. There was a previous failed attempt to execute the job.
  • C - The scheduled job has completed successfully. The job execution finish time is recorded in the SCSEND column of either the SCHSTATUS table or the SCHACTIVE table.
  • CF - The same as state C except there was an exception while executing the scheduled job. The job failed to execute successfully.
  • W - There is a check task command assigned to the scheduled job. This means that before the job is executed, there is a side process that will execute to determine whether the job really needs to be run. This saves the overhead of running a scheduled job when it does not need to be run. (This parameter is mostly used for store level scheduled jobs)
SCSPREFSTARTTIMESTAMP NOT NULLPreferred start time for this job
SCSACTLSTARTTIMESTAMPActual start time for this run of the job
SCSRESULTCHAR (1)Result of job: success or fail
SCSQUEUEVARCHAR (128)Indicates the job queue. The queue name is of the format hostName:cloneId:applicationType, where the hostName and applicationType components are defined in the SCHCONFIG table and cloneId is generated
SCSENDTIMESTAMPEnd time for this job
SCSATTLEFTINTEGERNumber of retry attempts left
SCSSEQUENCEINTEGERScheduling policy for this job
SCSINSTRECOVBIGINTIf this is a retry of a failed job this column refers to the instance of the failed job
TENANT_IDBIGINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0The ID of the tenant in the multi-tenant environment
OPTCOUNTERSMALLINTThe optimistic concurrency control counter for the table. Every time there is an update to the table, the counter is incremented.


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