Configuring Catalog Upload for clustered environments

If your environment is clustered, you must configure the Catalog Upload feature for your environment before business users can use the feature to load data into Management Center.


  1. Set up the JVM parameter on the machine that you want to run the ScheduledCatalogImport scheduled job. For more information about setting up this parameter, see Configuring the scheduler to run a job on an instance or cluster member.
    When you are setting up the parameter, change the name of the JVM parameter to be a name that is unique from the hostname that is specified in the instance.xml file. This file can be found in the following directory:


    You must set up the JVM parameter on only one machine in your cluster to run the ScheduledCatalogImport scheduled job.
  2. Create a properties file for the data load utilities for each instance in your cluster, and include the new host name in these properties files.
    You must create this properties file on all machines in your cluster. This configuration ensures that the Catalog Upload scheduler job runs on only the machine that includes the set JVM parameter.
    1. Create the following directories and files for your WebSphere Commerce instance.
      • WC_eardir\xml\config\
      • WC_eardir\xml\config\\dataload
      • WC_eardir\xml\config\\dataload\
    2. Open the for editing.
    3. Add the following code into the file to indicate the host of the server that the scheduler runs on:
       hostname=<hosntame of server with the scheduler> 
    4. Save and close the file.