Units of measure assets information model diagram description

This diagram illustrates the structure of units of measure in the WebSphere Commerce Server.

Quantity unit and quantity unit format

A quantity unit is the unit of measurement that is used in the store. For example, kilograms, pounds, meters, inches, or liters. The quantity unit format is how this quantity unit is formatted in the store. For example, how many decimal places are used when the quantity unit displays.

Each quantity unit format is part of only one store entity, but each store entity can have several quantity unit formats.

A quantity unit format can exist for each quantity unit and number usage. This format can have one or more quantity unit format descriptions, depending on how many languages the store supports.

WebSphere Commerce EnterpriseQuantity units that are defined in one store can be used by other stores. In order for one store to use quantity units that are defined in another store a store relationship of type com.ibm.commerce.measurement.format must be created between the stores. For more information, see Relationships between stores.

Quantity unit format description
A quantity unit format description describes how to format (for display purposes) a quantity amount in a particular quantity unit, in a particular language.
Number usage

Number usage defines the way that a number is used in an application. For example, by using number usage codes in your WebSphere Commerce code, you can choose the way that you would like that number (currency or quantity) to be formatted or rounded. These codes are defined in the NUMBRUSG table. These codes allow the number to be formatted according to the rules specified for that type of number usage in the CURFORMAT, CURFMTDESC, QTYFORMAT, and QTYFMTDESC tables. This usage allows stores to format numbers in different ways to meet the requirements of various situations.