Relationships between stores information model diagram description

This diagram illustrates store relationships in the WebSphere Commerce Server.

Store relationships
A store relationship (captured in the STOREREL table) is the relationship between two stores. All store relationships are directional, that is in each store relationship one store provides the services and the second store in the relationship uses those services. For example, store A uses the catalogs that are provided by store B.

Each store relationship has one store relationship type (StoreRelType). A store relationship can be a member of only one store.

Store relationship types
A store relationship type (StoreRelType) defines the type of relationship between two stores. Each type of store relationship defines its own relationship. The store relationship defines what roles each partner in the relationship performs and what the relationship between the partners.
Store relationship type description
A store relationship type description describes the type of relationship. Each store relationship type description describes only one relationship type. The store relationship type description can be available in more than one language.