Configuration Manager - Session Management

Use the Session management panel to configure session management.

General Tab

Enable cookies
Session management cookies are always enabled for WebSphere Commerce.
Enable URL rewriting
Select this check box to use URL rewriting for session management. When this check box is selected, the Cookie acceptance test check box is disabled.
Cookie acceptance test
Select this check box to check whether the customer's browser accepts cookies from a site that forces cookies. When this check box is selected, the Enable URL writing check box is disabled.
Cookie session manager
Select whether you want WebSphere Commerce or WebSphere Application Server to manage your cookies. The default is WebSphere Commerce.
Enable persistent session
Select if you want cookie settings to remain active across multiple browser sessions.
Cookie expiry
The number of days the persistent cookie remains active. This field is only enabled if Enable persistent session is selected.

Advanced Tab

Cookie path
Specifies the path for the cookie, which is the subset of URLs to which a cookie should be sent. Usually, you do not need to alter this field. For details on cookie path, see Netscape's Cookie Specification and RFC 2109.
Cookie domain
Specifies a domain restriction pattern. Usually, this field should not be altered. A domain specifies the servers that should see a cookie. By default, the cookies are only sent back to the WebSphere Commerce Server that issued them. Specifying a domain name pattern overrides this. The pattern must begin with a dot (.) and must contain at least two dots. A pattern matches only one entry beyond the initial dot. For example, "" is valid and matches "" and "" but not "". This is useful if you want to share WebSphere Commerce cookies between and For details on domain patterns, see Netscape's Cookie Specification and RFC 2109.

For more information, see Session Management.