Configuration Manager - Commerce - Registries

Use the registry creation wizard in the Configuration Manager to register or create a registry class with the Registry Manager.

A registry is normally used to cache relatively static information that is stored in the database. During the initialization of the RequestServlet, the registry manager initializes all registries that are defined through the Configuration Manager and internally defined registries of WebSphere Commerce. Database information is cached in a registry for performance improvement. For more information about the registry manager, see Registry Manager.

To launch the registry creation wizard, right-click Registries and select Create Registry. Complete the following fields:

Registry Name
Enter the name that you want to assign to the registry that you are registering.
Registry Class Name
Enter the name of the class that you want associated with the new registry. This registry class must exist. Normally, a WebSphere Commerce developer creates this class by using the WebSphere Commerce development environment.

After you complete both fields, click Finish.