Configuration Manager - Commerce - Instance

Use the Instance panel of the Configuration Manager to specify basic information about the instance.
Commerce Instance Name
Enter the name that you want to call the WebSphere Commerce instance. The default name for a WebSphere Commerce instance is demo.

Each WebSphere Commerce instance must have a unique name.

The instance name cannot be changed after the instance is created. To change the name of an instance, you must delete the instance that you want to rename and create a new instance with a new name.

  • For IBM i OS operating systemThe instance name must contain 9 characters or less.
  • WindowsThe instance name must contain 12 characters or less.
Merchant Key
Enter a 32-digit hexadecimal number that is used by the Configuration Manager to re-encrypt the currently encrypted data. The Merchant Key must have at least one alphanumeric character (a to f) and at least one numeric character (0 - 9). Any alphanumeric character must be entered in lowercase letters, and you cannot have the same character entered more than four times in a row.
Site Admin ID
Enter an ID to access the WebSphere Commerce tools such as the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, the WebSphere Commerce Administration Console, and the WebSphere Commerce Organization Administration Console.
Site Admin Password
Enter a password. The password must follow the password rules:
  • Must be at least 8 characters in length.
  • Must contain at least one numeric character (0-9).
  • Must contain at least one alphabetic character (a-z, A-Z).
  • Cannot contain four consecutive occurrences of a character.
  • The same character cannot appear more than four times in the password.
Confirm Site Admin Password
Confirm the value that is entered in the Site Admin Password field.