Configuration Manager - Commerce - Transport - Connection Specifications/Interaction Specifications

Use the Connection specifications panel of the Configuration Manager to configure the connection specifications for inbound transports only.

Inbound connection specifications

Inbound connectors connection specifications - serial
Requests are processed from the Inbound Serial JMS Queue in the order in which they are received.
Inbound connectors connection specifications - parallel
Requests are processed from the Inbound Parallel JMS Queue simultaneously. The order in which the requests are processed is not predictable. You can use the "Threads" field to specify the number of threads that are used to process inbound requests concurrently. For example, if you enter 5 as the number of threads, then there are five concurrent threads that read from the inbound parallel queue. This method is used when there is no correlation between inbound messages.

On the advanced tab of the inbound ConnectionSpec pages, you can modify the following parameters:

Connection Factory
The JMS Connection Factory, which maps to an IBM MQ Queue Manager.
Inbound Queue
JMS queue name of the queue from the 'Listener for IBM MQ' are accepted.
Outbound Queue
JMS queue name of the queue where responses are placed if the business logic generates a response message when a request from the Listener for IBM MQ is processed.
Error Queue
JMS queue name of the queue where requests are placed if an error is encountered. When an error occurs, the original message content is placed on the error queue, with the correlation ID equal to the message ID of the original message.

Inbound interaction specifications

It is recommended that you do not modify the interaction specifications for inbound connectors.

Outbound connection and interaction specifications

The Configuration Manager can be used to configure the default values for the outbound IBM MQ Transport. These values can be overwritten by assigning the outbound message type to the IBM MQ Transport.