Class OrderLevelFreeGift

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    public class OrderLevelFreeGift
    extends RLOrderLevelPromotion
    This class presents specific details of an Order Level promotion of type OrderLevelFreeGift. This type represents giving an item free if the purchase is over a certain amount.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The copyright information.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • OrderLevelFreeGift

        public OrderLevelFreeGift()
        OrderLevelFreeGift Constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getFreeItemCatalogEntrySKU

        public java.lang.String getFreeItemCatalogEntrySKU()
        Gets the SKU of the freebie item.
        String of the SKU of the freebie item.
      • setFreeItemCatalogEntrySKU

        public void setFreeItemCatalogEntrySKU(java.lang.String newFreeItemCatalogEntrySKU)
        Sets the freebie item SKU.
        String - of the freebie item SKU.
      • generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML

        public java.lang.String generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML()
        Generate the specific rule XML as a part of Domain XML (Promotion Object).
        java.lang.String of XML representing the rule for promotion of free gift.
      • populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom

        public void populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom(java.lang.String xmlString)
        Populate the specific data from XML String.
        xmlString - java.lang.String containg promotion data.