Class OrderLevelFixedDiscount

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    public class OrderLevelFixedDiscount
    extends RLOrderLevelPromotion
    This class presents specific details of an Order Level promotion of type OrderLevelFixedDiscount. This type represents giving an amount off on entire order based on order purchase (multiple ranges on order purchase). For example, giving an order of over $100, a discount of $10. The XML will be generated in the generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML() method and the fields in this class will be populated in the populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom(String) method.
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        public static final java.lang.String COPYRIGHT
        The copyright information.
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      • OrderLevelFixedDiscount

        public OrderLevelFixedDiscount()
        OrderLevelFixedDiscount Constructor.
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      • generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML

        public java.lang.String generatePromotionSpecificRuleXML()
        This promotion specific rule in XML represents OrderLevelFixedDiscount type specific data
        java.lang.String of XML file containing promotion specific rules
      • populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom

        public void populatePromotionSpecificDataFrom(java.lang.String xmlString)
        Populate the specific data from XML String.
        xmlString - java.lang.String the XML containing promotion data.