Class QuoteException

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    public class QuoteException
    extends AbstractBusinessObjectDocumentException
    This exception represents a business error to why the request was not process sucessfully. This exception will include the response information so the call can examine the response. The purpose of the exception is a convient way for the client to be notified if there was an error when processing instead of having to examine the result returned from the Quote facade.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • QuoteException

        public QuoteException(ChangeStatusType changeStatus,
                              VerbType verb,
                              java.util.List quotes)
        Creates an instance of the Quote exception.
        changeStatus - The error information that is contained in the ChangeStatus element of the respond or acknowledge verb.
        verb - The returning verb.
        quotes - The list of Quote that is associated with the response.
      • QuoteException

        public QuoteException(java.util.List clientErrors)
        Creates an instance of the Quote exception.
        clientErrors - The client errors to associate with the exception. These client error represent client side parameter validation that cause the exception.
      • QuoteException

        public QuoteException(java.lang.String key,
                              java.lang.String value)
        This method is a construction of the class
        key - the message key
        value - the message value
    • Method Detail

      • getQuote

        public java.util.List getQuote()
        Returns the Quote that is associated with the response of the request.
        The list of Quote found in the response.