Class ProcessMarketingTriggerEvaluateActionCmdImpl

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    AbstractProcessNounActionCmd, ProcessMarketingTriggerActionCmd,,,,,,

    public class ProcessMarketingTriggerEvaluateActionCmdImpl
    extends ProcessMarketingTriggerActionCmdImpl
    implements ProcessMarketingTriggerActionCmd
    This command handles that an external system has detected a trigger (event) that has been performed. The Marketing system should check if there are any marketing activities that are interested in this event. There may be marketing activities that are waiting for this event to happen (a trigger element), and then the trigger should be sent to the applicable marketing activities. There may be marketing activities that are listening for this event to happen (a target element) in order to record that the behavior has occurred. If so, then the behavior should be recorded. The following is an example of how an external system can call this service. In this example, the external system has detected that a customer has viewed a product.

    String commandName = "ProductDisplay";
    String queryString = "productId="+skuId1;
    String referralURL = null;
    String customInformation = null;

    String triggerParameters = MarketingUtil.createTriggerParametersString(null, commandName, queryString, referralURL, customInformation);
    marketingFacadeClient.processMarketingTrigger(MarketingFacadeConstants.PROCESS_VERB_ACTION_EVALUATE, null, triggerParameters);
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      • ProcessMarketingTriggerEvaluateActionCmdImpl

        public ProcessMarketingTriggerEvaluateActionCmdImpl()
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      • performExecute

        public void performExecute()
                            throws java.lang.Exception
        This method calls the marketing runtime to have it evaluate the trigger that has happened. The evaluation will check if there are any marketing activities interested in this event.
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        performExecute in class ProcessMarketingTriggerActionCmdImpl