Class SolrRESTSearchBasedMerchandisingExpressionProvider

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    public class SolrRESTSearchBasedMerchandisingExpressionProvider
    extends AbstractSolrSearchExpressionProvider
    implements SearchExpressionProvider
    This is a Solr-specific implementation of the search-based merchandising expression provider. This provider calls the marketing RESTful service to run search activities. Search activities can apply to all searches or target specific search keywords. They may add additional constraints to the search request to influence the order of the results as well as add new conditions to the search query with the intention of adding new products to search results. For example, search activities may scope search results to contain only products that are in stock; they can also elevate products that meet a specific criteria (such as brand, profit margin or customer ranking) to the top of the search result. The query fragments produced by search activities will be added back into the SelectionCriteria object for other downstream processing. Note: This provider should run before .search.expression.solr.SolrSearchByKeywordExpressionProvider to ensure that search term can be replaced successfully by the 'Add or Replace Search Criteria' marketing action.
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      • SolrRESTSearchBasedMerchandisingExpressionProvider

        public SolrRESTSearchBasedMerchandisingExpressionProvider(java.lang.String componentId)
        Creates an instance of the search expression provider for a particular component. This instance can be used and re-used for future search requests.
        componentId - The target component.