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Auction rules

Every auction is governed by a set of rules that the bidder must read before participating.

Auction rules are established when creating an auction and include items such as the following information:
  • The auction type
  • The product name
  • The quantity available
  • Whether a reserve price exists for the auction
  • The deposit amount to be forfeited if the winner refuses to accept the auctioned items
  • The auction start date and time
  • The conditions under which the auction will end, such as a scheduled end date and time
  • Bid rules describing the minimum bid price, quantity, and bid increment

    If you want to use bid increment rules, ensure that you set the quantity to 1 on the Auction Product page.

  • Pricing mechanisms for the auction

If auction rules change during an auction, bidders must reread the rules before submitting or updating bids. Bids submitted before a rule change are not affected and can still win the bidding.