Starter store enhancements for the Madisons starter store

A starter store enhancement provides extra features to a starter store. To use a starter store enhancement, publish the Madisons starter store; then, publish a starter store enhancement store archive file on top of an existing starter store. The Madisons starter store enhancements SAR files are SocialCommerce.sar, GiftCenterMadisons.sar, and MadisonsEnhancements.sar. After the SAR file is published, you enable more features by using WebSphere Commerce Version Pack 1Change flow or Store functions options.

Features in the starter store enhancement SAR files

Store archives marked with a -FEP file name suffix contain Feature Pack related updates to accommodate enhanced store functions, such as price rule changes or store functions.

The following list shows starter store enhancements by SAR file. Features in the MadisonsEnhancements.sar file are incremental. In each feature pack, new features are introduced, and existing features are reshipped.
Note: Publish the MadisonsEnhancements.sar file on top of an existing store that contains the Madisons-FEP.sar. The MadisonsEnhancements.sar is available when the store enhancements feature is enabled.