The wcfAutoSetPropertyAction action sets a property value.


This action accepts the following parameters:
Required: The name of the business object to update. This name must match the objectKey parameter of a previous action that created or located the business object.
Required: The name of the property to update with the specified value.
The new property value. This parameter is required when the valueKey parameter is not specified.
The name of the value set by the wcfAutoSetValueAction action that is used as the new property value. This parameter is required when the value parameter is not specified.
Feature Pack 1abortOnError
Feature Pack 1Specifies whether to continue the automated testing when the wcfAutoSetPropertyAction action cannot be performed. By default, this parameter is set to true to stop automated testing when this action cannot be performed.


The following code snippets show examples of these parameters used in the wcfAutoSetPropertyAction action:
<!-- Set the startdate property --> 
<action name="wcfAutoSetPropertyAction"> 
<param name="object" value="webActivity"/> 
<param name="propertyName" value="startdate"/> 
<param name="valueKey" value="bvt_web_activity_startdate"/> 
<param name="abortOnError" value="false"/>
<!-- Set the name property of the Web Activity --> 
<action name="wcfAutoSetPropertyAction"> 
  <param name="object" value="webActivity"/> 
  <param name="propertyName" value="name"/> 
  <param name="value" value="webAct1"/> 
	<param name="abortOnError" value="false"/>