The wcfAutoRunTestCaseAction action downloads a test case XML file from the specified URL and inserts the actions from this file at the start of the list of pending actions.


This action accepts the following parameters:
Required: The URL of the test case XML file. This URL must begin with the forward slash (/) character. The path specified by the url parameter identifies a test case XML file with a location relative to WCDE_installdir\workspace\LOBTools\WebContent. For example, if the value of the url parameter is /testdata/commerce/catalog/restricted/test.xml, the test case XML file must be located at WCDE_installdir\workspace\LOBTools\WebContent\testdata\commerce\restricted\test.xml. Do not modify or add test case files to restricted directories. Add new test case XML files to directories that are not restricted within WCDE_installdir\workspace\LOBTools\WebContent\testdata.
The name of the value that the wcfAutoSetValueAction action must set before the action can run. If the value is an empty string or is not set, the action cannot run.


The following code snippet shows an example of these parameters used in the wcfAutoRunTestCaseAction action:
<action name="wcfAutoRunTestCaseAction"> 
  <param name="url" value="/testdata/commerce/catalog/restricted/test.xml"/> 
  <param name="requiredValueKey" value="storeId"/>