OpenLaszlo API

The OpenLaszlo source (LZX) files for the Management Center are located within the WEB-INF/src/lzx directory within the LOBTools web module. These files are compiled into a SWF (Flash) file that is the binary representation of the Management Center. There are two groups of LZX files: restricted and customizable files.

Restricted files
A restricted file is located under a restricted directory. There is one restricted directory for each Management Center tool (that is, under the catalog, promotions, or marketing directories) and one for the Management Center framework (under the foundation directory). For example, LOBTools/WebContent/WEB-INF/src/lzx/commerce/foundation/restricted/LangUtil.lzx indicates that the LangUtil.lzx file is a restricted file for the Management Center framework. Restricted files contain class definitions for the basic functionality that is common to all tools within the Management Center. Do not change these files when customizing the Management Center. Files within the restricted directories are replaced when you install WebSphere Commerce fixes, or migrate to the next release.
Although a file is restricted, you can use or extend the classes within the file when customizing the Management Center as they are part of the Management Center OpenLaszlo APIs. The classes that you can use are documented as part of the API documentation within this information center. All other classes defined within the restricted directories are marked private to indicate that they are for IBM internal use only.
Customizable files
Customizable files are not contained within a restricted directory. For example, LOBTools/WebContent/WEB-INF/src/lzx/commerce/shell/ToolBannerArea.lzx is not a restricted file and is therefore, customizable.
Customizable files describe the objects within a Management Center tool and how to display them. You can use, extend, or change the classes within customizable files when customizing the Management Center. When you install WebSphere Commerce fixes, or migrate to the next release, your customization are maintained in these files.
Note: After you migrate the Management Center from a lower level Feature Pack to a higher level Feature Pack, you might receive compile errors in the customization code. Most compile errors are not due to OpenLaszlo API changes; many are due to stricter OpenLaszlo compiler rules. If you encounter compile errors, see Troubleshooting: Avoiding compile errors when using a new OpenLaszlo compiler.