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Trigger: Customer Places Order

Use this trigger in a dialog activity to begin or continue the activity as soon as a customer places an order with your store. This occurs when the customer completes the check-out process and submits the order.

This trigger provides a means to reach out to customers when they place an order, which is usually an indication that they currently have a keen interest in your store. Targeting these customers with marketing materials or promotional offers can encourage them to return to your store and continue shopping.

Example 1

Here is an example of a dialog activity that uses this trigger effectively:

When a customer places an order, issue the customer a coupon for 20% off the next order. To inform the customer of the coupon, send a thank-you email message.

Example of Customer Places Order trigger

Example 2

Here is another example:

When a customer places an order, check whether the customer's purchase history contains catalog entries from the Boys or Girls categories. If so, add the customer to the Customers who buy children's clothing customer segment.

Example of Customer Places Order trigger

You can then target customers in the Customers who buy children's clothing customer segment with relevant promotions and marketing activities.

Note: The previous example dynamically updates a customer segment. When you create the customer segment, you must select the check box labeled Use marketing activities to add or remove customers on the General Properties tab. This check box must be selected for these dynamic updates to take place. For more information, see Action: Add To or Remove From Customer Segment.

Prerequisite for using this trigger

Make sure that your site is configured to support the Management Center marketing features.