Create_WCS_PickBatch message

The Create_WCS_PickBatch message is an inbound message that contains information for generating a WebSphere Commerce pick batch. A fulfillment center application generates this request and sends it to the WebSphere Commerce inbound message queue. After WebSphere Commerce processes the message, the PickBatchGenerate controller command is invoked. This command gets a new PICKBATCH_ID through the key manager, selects all rows with a value of SHIP in the STATUS column of the ORDRELEASE database table, generates the XML pick ticket and packing list XML for the input StoreID and FulfillmentCenterID, and saves them to the PICKBATCH and ORDRELEASE tables respectively. The Response_WCS_PickBatch message is sent in response.

Note: If the inbound message does not contain a valid StoreID, the GenericApplicationError viewname is used for error message composition and the PickBatchGenerate command is not invoked. The response message is generated by GenericApplicationErrorXML.jsp.

The Create_WCS_PickBatch message uses the XML message format and follows Create_WCS_PickBatch_10.dtd.

The following table describes the format of the Create_WCS_PickBatch message. For a description of the database column, follow the link to its associated table. All fields are optional unless otherwise noted. The tag value length in the XML message for database fields of type INT, BIGINT and DOUBLE should be CHAR (10), CHAR(19), and CHAR(16) respectively.

Level Field Name Comment Table Name Column Name Note
1 BackendPickBatchID N/A N/A This can be used in the Response_WCS_PickBatch message
3 FulfillmentCenterID Mandatory ORDERITEMS FFMCENTER_ID N/A