Creating a key file

Your Web server provides a secure environment for your business transactions by using encryption technology. Encryption is the scrambling of information transactions on the Internet so that they cannot be read until they are unscrambled by the receiver. The sender uses an algorithmic pattern or key to scramble (encrypt) a transaction, and the receiver uses a decryption key. These keys are used by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

About this task

Your Web server uses an authentication process to verify the identity of the person with whom you are conducting business (that is, to make sure they are whom they say they are). This involves obtaining a certificate signed by a trusted third party called a certification authority (CA), such as Equifax or VeriSign Inc. Other CAs are also available.

Note: As you perform these steps, your browser might display security messages. Review each message carefully and decide how to proceed.


  1. Request a secure certificate from a certifying authority.
  2. Set your production key file as the current key file.
  3. Receive the certificate and test the production key file.