Starting the wsadmin tool

WebSphere Application Server provides the wsadmin scripting tool, a command line tool, which you can use to update your Java EE applications.


  1. From the WC_profiledir /bin directory, run:
    • For IBM i OS operating systemSolarisLinuxAIX./
    • Windowswsadmin
    The wsadmin tool opens.
  2. Run WebSphere Application Server commands required for your updates.
    • To update your custom code, run AdminApp update
      When you deploy your WebSphere Commerce code using the wsadmin tool, you run methods on the AdminApp object. The general syntax is
      $AdminApp update application_name  content_type  options 
      application name
      The name of the application to update.
      content type
      Used to specify whether you want to update a single file, a partial application, or an entire module. Valid content types:
      • file
      • partialapp
      • modulefile

      See .

      WebSphere Application Server offers various options for the AdminApp command. For more information, see Options for the AdminApp object install, installInteractive, edit, editInteractive, update, and updateInteractive commands using wsadmin scripting.
    • To save your new configuration by running the AdminApp save command.
    • To exit the tool, run exit.